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Counselor to Counselor: Sharing Resources Through a Virtual Office

Written By: Kristin Clark

Co-Owner of The Wise College Counsel

Counselor to Counselor: Using a Bitmoji Classroom

Counselors all over the country have been finding creative ways to stay engaged with their students despite the various limitations presented as a result of COVID-19. One resource that I have found to be extremely helpful is the Bitmoji classroom. I used my Bitmoji to create a virtual office with a wide range of resources. Setting it up was very simple, I followed the steps on this YouTube video. I would highly recommend that you consider creating a virtual office as it provides a way for students to still feel connected with you as well as have access to resources that they need. 

Below is a photo of my virtual office (the photo does not include hyperlinks).

For reference, included in my office are links to the following: 

-virtual field trips

-ASVAB information

-Time management tips

-Ecotherapy tips

-A link to resources for our English Learners

-Our district’s “zen den” which includes relaxing music and other tips for relaxation

-My school’s athletic’s page

-A link to our district’s college and career exploration page


-Coalition for College Access

-Common Black Application

-A link to my school’s library page

-YouTube channel I am working on to share important information

-A link to my email

-Khan Academy

-A link to our state’s standardized testing prep page


The possibilities of what you can include on your page are ENDLESS. Get creative and set up your virtual office today!

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