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The Middle to High School Transition: Building a Solid Foundation

Written By:

Kristin Clark

School Counselor

Wise College Counsel Co-Owner

The transition from middle to high school can be challenging. Here are some tips to ease the transition, and to build a solid foundation for a successful high school career.

The first key component in this transition is taking time to study. There is a possibility that you have not yet learned how to study. High school differs from middle school in various ways. One of the most important differences is the level of rigor in your courses. You will need to know how to study. This is especially true if you are taking advanced placement or honors courses. If you need assistance with learning your study style, or developing positive study habits, please consult with your school counselor. Parents, you can also reach out to the counseling department if you notice your student needs help in this area.

Secondly, get involved. The high school experience is far more rewarding when you are involved. Find a club or sport that interests you and join it. This way, you are not just receiving an educational experience, but you are becoming an active participant in your educational experience. Being a part of a club or sport will afford you the opportunity to build character as well as lasting relationships with your peers, coaches, and/or teachers. 

Next, I would recommend that you surround yourself with positivity. Perhaps in middle school you were not hanging with a positive crowd. This is an opportunity for you to grow and make more rewarding decisions. Set positive goals for yourself and surround yourself with like-minded individuals who can assist you in reaching those goals.

Lastly, ask for help. You are not expected to automatically know all of the proper steps to successfully navigating high school. Utilize your school’s specific resources to get assistance on material you may not understand. Go to your teachers, counselors, and administrators if you need assistance with anything, academic or otherwise. Make the very most of your four years of high school, they will certainly fly by.

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