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Opportunities at Virginia Community Colleges

Written By:

Kristin Clark

Wise College Counsel Co-Owner

There are over 35 community colleges across the state of Virginia. Most of which are a part of the Virginia Community College System (VCCS). Many families choose to enroll their student into a community college for a variety of reasons. You may be considering whether or not this is the best option for you. Here is some information to consider while making your decision:

*Most community colleges offer an automatic acceptance program in partnership with four year colleges and universities in the state of Virginia. After completing the necessary requirements during your two years at a VCCS school, you can be automatically accepted into a participating four year school. Requirements usually consist of a specific grade point average along with taking particular courses.

*During the pandemic, many VCCS schools are offering virtual learning opportunities as well as in person learning opportunities. This gives students the option to learn in the environment in which they feel safest and most comfortable during these difficult times.

*Even if you complete only one year at a VCCS, your credits are likely transferable to four year Virginia colleges and universities. Even if they are not accepted as a subject area credit, they may be received as an elective.

*Many VCCS schools offer two year programs that can get you certified in a trade or skill, even if you are not interested in pursuing a four year degree from a different school.

Along with VCCS, there are other community colleges in Virginia including Richard Bland, ECPI, Eastern Virginia Medical Careers College, and more. Check out the VCCS page for more information on opportunities at these schools.

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