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Social Media Who? Do’s & Don’t of Social Media

Written By:

WISE Media and Marketing Manager, Mikaila Clinkscales

Did you know that employers and college admission board members review your social media platforms? Well now you do! Although they are personal for you and how you’d like to express yourself, you want to make sure that what you’re saying and showing on social media is complimentary to your character and work ethic. So here are some do’s and

don'ts that I would recommend. P.S. I do not consider myself a social media guru, but I do have years of experience working with social media and have worked closely with employers.


  • Keep your online presence clean. Monitor the use of foul language, strong political statements, nudity, presence of alcohol and offensive hand gestures used on your platforms. Political statements on social media are very tricky. Although you are entitled to the second amendment and employers are not legally allowed to deny you a job over your religion, gender choice, race, or disability, most top companies shy away from those who present themselves as discriminatory. As it can conclude you as one that would not comply with their mission of inclusivity and team-building, especially for a higher managerial position.

  • Establish yourself as your own brand. Even though you may not have your own business (yet, that is if you’d like), you do represent yourself. So take time to consider how you’d want someone else to view you. Bonus tip: You can make your profiles as public or private as you’d like on most platforms. Find the healthy balance of showing your true self, but keeping your private life, private (if not for your emotional and mental sake, then definitely your physical safety!)

  • Spread encouragement like confetti! It takes 1 second of your time to like, comment, follow, subscribe, or heart a post. Your engagement can be the very thing someone else needs. Keep this in mind when posting a comment under someone else’s photo… We’ll chat more about this in the next section.


  • Be a social media troll. A troll is someone who comments negatively under people’s posts. Always remember it’s not always what you say but how you say it, or in this instance, how you imply it on social media.

  • Post every wild night out. While you want to show your friends that you’re having a good time, post it in an Instagram story or Snapchat, where you’ll know that it will be seen temporarily on your profile.

  • Spill too many beans about your personal life. For example, if you know you’re going on a much-needed vacay, refrain from posting your insta-worthy pics until you’ve returned home. That way, you won’t alert the robbers the best time to strike.

Remember, these tips are for you to keep your social media profiles personal yet professional so you can go out and snag your dream job or career.

Well it’s been a pleasure WISE folks, catch you later for the next one!

XOXO, One WISE Woman 💙

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