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The Things I Wish I Knew Before College

Updated: Apr 11, 2021

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Howard University

My first year of college was the most stressful time of my life! My first semester, I was scared of getting a “C”. I never went out and spent all my time studying and not getting to know people. However, by the second semester of freshman year my grades were great and I was having fun with my friends and began to have more fun and experience more things. I began to realize that If I relax and give myself time to live and have a good time that not only will my mental health and stress level improve, but my overall attitude towards things would as well.

These are some of the tips I want you guys to know as you enter

a great time of your life. So you get both a good education

and all the fun experiences that college has to offer.

1. Have a supply list of items you might need: as an incoming student the school provides a list of the essential items you will need for school. Also make sure that you have everything you needed and wanted to take with you to school. 2. Budget (or spend wisely): you should prepare a good amount of money for expenses outside of tuition. (i.e. textbooks, other specified school supplies and any recreational spending) Remember you have a meal plan and other amenities at your school, so don’t spend all your money at one place. 3. Study and have fun in moderation: While you at college primarily for an education, you are also there to have a fun experience of being on your own as an adult so study but also have fun live a little. 4. Your initial grades aren’t going to be the best: If you’re an honor roll student, don’t freak out if you receive a “C” on an assignment. Traditionally, your professors will grade harder than your high school teachers. So, as you progress you will learn how each of your professors grades assignments and begin to study more based on the course load and speed of the class. 5. Build your schedule based on your habits: If you aren’t a morning person don’t pick morning classes, try to pick times and classes that interest you and stay on track to your specific major. 6. Get involved in your school: Going to college you are starting over, so get involved in clubs and sports. This will allow you to meet more people and build relationships with people who share common interests with you. 7. Study: If you are naturally smart and good at listening that is great. However, that is only going to take you so far in college if is the effort and the time spent on the material that is going to help you get the GPA and grades that you want. 8. Manage your time: Since you are on your own, you have nobody holding you accountable to deadlines and assignments. You must manage the amount of time spent on studying, schoolwork and time to have fun. Having this skill will reduce stress and give you more than enough time to finish everything that needs to be done and still go and have your fun. 9. When you go out, go out in groups (never by yourself): Go out in groups to always make sure you have a ride to and from where you are going and make sure you have everyone that you came with. That way you are never alone at night and keeps you and your friends accountable for each other’s safety. 10. Be yourself: Remember that college is all about finding yourself and being who you are!

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