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Trade Schools: Is This an Option For You?

Updated: Jan 8, 2021

Written By: Teresa Chambers

Wise College Counsel Consultant

As the cost of two year and four year colleges and universities continue to rise, many students are left wondering if this is the right option for them. There is another option that is often overlooked by so many and available at a fraction of the cost.

Trade schools or vocational schools offer affordable hands on training and education in practical fields that lead to well paying careers. These schools usually offer a certification or licensure that will take roughly two years to complete. They can operate on their own or they can be a part of a two year community college program. Students can have the ability to transfer credits from a trade program into a two or four year institution if they wish to further their education.

Students in trade schools can pursue the following areas of study: carpentry, masonry, electrical and construction management, automotive technology, HVAC, cosmetology and more. These schools provide invaluable training at a fraction of the cost and much faster. The typical timeframe to completion is anywhere from 12 to 24 months.

Most trade schools operating on rolling admissions to students with either a high school diploma or GED. While admissions is rolling, many schools only accept a limited number of students due to space constraints, particularly in high demand trades.

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