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Which Major Is Right For Me?

Written By:

Teresa Chambers

Consultant, The Wise College Counsel, LLC

What do you want to be when you grow up? The aged old question that we have all been asked over the course of our adolescent lives. Between the ages of 5 and  13 this question may seem innocent on the surface. But for older kids, particularly kids around 15 and 18, this question can cause lots of anxiety. Could it be that kids in that age group are feeling the pressure to have it all figured out by the time they leave high school? For those that know they are heading to college after high school, there are many things to consider when choosing a major. 

There are thousands of majors available at universities across the world. You will want to choose a major that is right for you and your future. But how do you know what that is? It is helpful to figure out what your passion, interests and abilities are. There are interest assessments available that can assist you with this.  You will want to ask yourself, “what major is right for me”? When you choose a major that meets these needs, it will become more meaningful to you which in turn will make your university experience enjoyable. You will also want to consider if this major is employable. Will you be able to get a job with this degree? In addition, will this particular major be around later in life? You will want to avoid choosing a major based on the latest buzz word at that time. Changing majors once you have made significant progress in your degree can cost you time and money. It is best to start thinking about this as early as possible. Here is a to do list to help when choosing a major :

  •  Seek help. Talk to experts such as school counselors, advisors, your parents, etc.

  • Choose a major that is universal and not at risk of being extinct. 

  • Create a chart. Sort the majors you are interested into categories based on your interests, passions and values. 

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