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Tutoring & Enrichment

At The Wise College Counsel, we are highly motivated to supplement all of the outstanding resources that students receive at their schools. 

We offer one on one virtual tutoring programs for students in grades K-12.


For elementary students, we utilize our unique assessment tools to determine the specific needs of your child and work with them to ensure that they are able to not only understand the content that is provided to them, but that they are able to appropriately apply it.

For middle and high school students, we offer tutoring in the subjects of English and Mathematics. We also offer learning coaching to provide students with motivation and encouragement. We assist students with organization and time management, helping to ensure that they are able to turn in completed assignments in a timely manner. 


Additionally, we offer virtual enrichment programs for students in grades K-12. These programs provide students with an amazing opportunity to further explore topics that are introduced to them in the classroom. We use an interactive, hands-on format to allow students to learn experientially. Our enrichment programs cover a variety of topics spanning across content areas.

Below, you can register for tutoring and enrichment programs. Both are offered in a virtual setting, and accessible to students across the United States.

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